We work across industries with a range of businesses and individuals from institutions, scale-ups and corporations.

Communication skills and confidence fluctuates throughout a career, that is why we coach MBA students, young entrepreneurs as well as experienced executives and CEOs.

Being inspiring on camera, on a panel, at a board meeting or in front of your team, are situations everyone needs to be confident at or will be confronted with in their career.

We work with people who are willing to try and fail in order to improve. We know this is the mindset to achieve great things.



Emma coached my co-founder and I for our recent fundraising round. We were okay at pitching but with Emma’s sessions, we’ve become more aware of our bad habits and were able to adjust in a way that suited us. We felt a lot more prepared and confident.
Emma also came to give a session at Poq to our leadership team. The team enjoyed it a lot and we will most likely do sessions for more people in the future.
— Michael Langguth, Co-founder and COO at Poq.


If you would like to work with us, book a call and we can discuss if we are a right fit for yourself, your team or your cohort!