One-to-one sessions are best for you if:

You need to prepare for a specific talk, pitch or media presentation.  

You want to gain confidence, authenticity, presence, assertiveness and charisma.

You want to find out what techniques work best for you so you can adapt to many different situations such as investor meetings, interviews, client meetings, networking events, conference talks and on-camera presentations.

Each session is tailored to your needs, which is why I always start with a phone call. Sessions can be face-to-face at my office in London, at your premises or over Skype.

  • Video Analysis.
  • Booster Sessions.
  • 3 Session Pack. 
  • 12 Month Coaching.



The Video Analysis is a great way to receive feedback on your pitching and presentation style. You send me a video and I send you a detailed report back. The report includes what works, what needs improving, why, and how you can progress. 




The Booster Session is perfect for you if you have a talk or a pitch coming up. We will practice the talk, bullet-proof issues and build a strong mindset so you are ready to speak with confidence. 




The 3 Session Pack is the best way to work with me. Repetition and accountability is key when learning new skills, so by spreading three sessions across a few months, you will see your communication style improve considerably. 



The 12 Month Coaching option includes a monthly session for a year or 12 sessions to be taken when needed. The regularity of the sessions will help you to improve at your own pace and allow to work on all aspects of communication as it arises.  I support you with your talks, panels, investor pitches, media appearances, team and client meetings. 

I gave a pitch at The House Of Lords and I was extremely nervous. I used the techniques we’ve done in the sessions and not only it helped me tremendously to overcome the fears but I won the competition. I am now building so much traction from the training I have done with Emma, I can not recommend her enough.
— Irra Ariella Khi, CEO & Co-Founder of VChain.